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No matter where you are looking to call home, having a qualified and expert REALTOR® will help make the home buying process easy. If you are starting out on your search, or you have been at it a while and still have questions, check out this guide to streamline your efforts and offer some much-needed peace of mind.

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1. Get Pre Approved and know your numbers! You want to have a clear understanding of your expected monthly payment, down payment, and closing costs. That way there are no surprises once you find your dream home.

2. Start your home search with your Realtor. Once you have your pre approval letter, you and your Realtor will work together to help you find a home that fits your needs by doing an online search and taking in person home tours.

3. Make an offer on your dream home! Once you find your home, your Realtor will advise on the best way to secure you the best deal for your next home. We will discuss offer strategy, pricing, contingencies, and more.

4. Inspect your future home! It is important you take the proper due diligence for your future home and investment. Inspections can range from Home Inspections, termite inspections, radon inspections, and more.

5. Contact a Title Company to ensure a clean and marketable Title. Your Realtor will connect you with a trusted and professional Title Company.

6. Get Homeowners Insurance on your new home! Your Realtor can recommend trusted insurance agents to insure your home.

7. Perform a Final Walk through to ensure the home is in substantially the same condition as when you made an offer or during the home inspection. If you negotiated any repairs, you would check that they have been completed.

8. Closing Day is Here! At settlement you will sign all the paperwork required for you to officially become the owner of your new home! You are ready to move in once all your paperwork has been completed.

Buying a home may seem like an overwhelming process, especially for a first time home buyer. Here at The Abregu Real Estate Group we like to simplify the process for our clients. We take pride in providing an educational approach where our clients are knowledgeable and confident with the investment they are making. If you have been thinking about buying a home or investing in real estate, reach out to our team today and let’s get you into your next home!

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The Northern Virginia Real Estate Market is quickly becoming a fast-paced competitive market. Fueled by the ever increasing home prices in neighboring states and the continued growth of remote working options, the importance of having a local liaison and advisor of your sale or purchase is critical to furthering your investments.